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William D. Underwood

2013 and 2014 could be measured 
in extraordinary moments.
Many unforgettable. All, well earned.


See Mercer’s award-winning cellist perform. One great moment of 2013-14. [2:27]

View the compelling mini documentary in Vietnam for Mercer On Mission. [8:31]


Any way you look at it, Mercer University has had a banner year, reaching new levels of distinction in every area.


Our students, faculty and programs are eclipsing the high expectations set for them, both inside the classroom and out, drawing national and international attention for academics, research, athletics and performance. The 2013–2014 year alone is a testament to Mercer’s commitment to its mission and its determination to excel.

We endeavor to go beyond—beyond the ordinary, beyond the expected, beyond the standard. In academics, Mercer sets the bar high, and our students and faculty soar above it, counted among the best of the best and proudly contributing on a world stage.

With an international reach, Mercer finds its place in the world by sending its students and faculty out into it. Our research efforts and the University’s unique Mercer On Mission program encourage exploration, discovery and exchange. We share our time, expertise, and medical and technological advances with a cooperative spirit, extending our work beyond the ivy walls of academia and leaving a global imprint.

Most importantly, Mercer builds community—a community of scholars and friends, a partnership between city and university, a lasting connection with people halfway around the world. For students and staff alike, Mercer creates the reality of an interconnected web of people and ideas.


Our Mission

We are always proud of the benchmarks and honors Mercer achieves, but we are equally proud of how we got here: by holding steadfast to our values, traditions and identity and by letting our mission drive everything we do—academics, research, service efforts, athletics, facilities and finances. At Mercer, what we offer is much more than the sum of the University’s individual parts: It is Beyond Measure.

Mercer University's mission is to teach, to learn, to create, to discover, to inspire, to empower and to serve.

One Great Moment
SiHoa He

SiHao He

There have been many extraordinary moments in 2013–14. Here is just one that fills us with great pride.

Likely, most people in Hachioji, Japan have not heard of Mercer University. Certainly not the individuals at the Third Gaspar Cassado International Violoncello Competition who would soon know the name of a young man of 20 who stepped into the spotlight one fateful evening in November 2013. Yet, after playing a 22-minute cello concerto accompanied by a world-class orchestra, everyone knew the name of Mercer University’s SiHao when he walked away with the grand prize.​​

As a sophomore in Mercer’s Robert McDuffie Center for Strings, SiHao was an accomplished cellist at the age of nine. Today, he is no stranger to acclaim. He has won numerous prestigious performance awards at competitions in China, Croatia, South Korea and the United States.